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Tadapen 20 is a potent and ultimate tablet that works to resolve the problem of Erectile Dysfunction in men. It comes with Tadalafil 20 and the manufacturing is done for RSM Enterprises. Suitable for adult men, the medicine helps promote overall ability in male genital organ. It works to enhance erectile functioning by promoting capability to attain or sustain an erection.


The active substance of the medicine works to resolve the problem of erectile issues or problems related to the penile. By treating mild to moderate health issue, the medicine works fine for adult men. It is capable of resolving mild to moderate health issues in men.

How to take the medicine

Gulp a single dosage once in a day or an hour before lovemaking session. Swallow the medicine as a whole with a glass full of water or low fat meal. Try not to split or break the dosage. An inadequate amount of medicine consumption might cause adverse health effects. One can take the medicine with low fat meal. For proper results, take the medicine without skipping or missing the dosage.

Who should not take the medicine?

A person allergic to the active component of the medicine needs to avoid use of medicine. One having health issues such as heart problem, kidney or liver issue, arterial blockage, neurological health issue needs to avoid use of medicine. The medicine needs to be taken under proper healthcare supervision.

Cautions before taking the medicine

Tadapen 20 is a potent and prescription medicine. One needs to avoid use of medicine without recommendation from healthcare if suffering from adverse health issues. Avoid use of nitrates or any other local ED drugs with the medicine. Avoid overdose or double dose of the medicine. Try not to consume the medicine with high fat meal as it might delay the effect. Avoid use of grapefruit beverages, tobacco as well as excessive liquor use.

Some side effects of the medicine

Side effects of the medicine involve some of the rare effects that occur due to an overdose or inadequate amount of medicine use. These effects differ from person to person and might vary. Headache, dizziness, nausea, stuffy nose or abdominal pain is some of the health effects. One needs to seek medical attention if health effects persist.

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